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NAME-María Skarica Zúñiga.
Date of birth/Age-
1st date of cancer Detect
Date About your 1st treatment
Date About your2nd treatment
Date About your 3rd treatment
Date How did you know about kamdhenu Ayurvedic treatment?
Date date of first (Ayurvedic kamdhenu) treatment
Date Your comments about first treatment
Date After 6 months
Dear Doctor:
Patient Name: María Skarica Zúñiga.
On 18th August I sent info regarding the improving conditions of Maria after following the treatment after surgery. End October has been taken Thoracic X-ray, Ultrasound and Mammography.
Yesterday we showed the reports to the Doctor and he found them so good that he indicated a new control after 6 months. And he reduced the calcium dosage to one time every three months injection.
You may imagine how happy we are. She feel healthy and without any side-effect of medicines or symptoms of cancer, osteoporosis or any other sickness.
Our consultation now is medicines and in which dosage should she continue taking according the new reports. We expect anxiously your reply.

Greeting you attentively,
Jorge Valdes Romo.
Santiago - Chile, South America.

Present Condition
Dear Doctor,
I am writing to u because my mom is not feeling good.
She is taking all ur medicines but she was like 10 days without taking because the post with them was not arriving.
Can u suggest something about?
She is feeling the mouth bitter so she cannot eat fruits nor vegetables. She feels fatigue and the sensation of emptiness on stomach.
She cannot eat sweet things.
So, she eating only pasta and potatos, she is getting thin.
She is not feeling good.
What do u think?

Thanks and wait for ur reply

Dear gopa,
Hare Krishna!
Your mother should undergo exm.. thouroughly she has to be careful about diet . She should take juice, rice and green veg. .say no to potato, tomato and non veg. for mouth problem-
1.She should take curd with salt or / and Buttermilk once a day.
2. She has to chew a bit of ginger with very little salt ½’n hour before the lunch.
3. Wheat grass juice 100 ml. morning (for 15 days).
1.Yogendra Rash(most powerful for energy with amazing immunity)
2. Khadiradi bati(for mouth problem)
3. Irimedadi Tail(for mouth problem)
4. Bhashma’s for liver Treatment
This medicine gives power for liver and improves diet. She has to take this medicines for 3 mounths minimium

Please write your Total Treatment of CVR Breast Cancer, and attach all your Examined Reports.

Also give all remarkable facts and in formations related directly to the patient.

We need to know all these in detail about the patient for examining and researching for our next step for the treatment.

Thanks for all your cooperation and seriousness yet you have been showed with me, and aspect the same in future.

With regards

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